Singing tuition



'The singing classes have been brilliant - you have really helped me to improve and I have received lots of tips to practice!'






Singers' Room

is a class aimed at amateur singers, taught in
small groups of 3-5 people over five weeks.

The format of the class is as follows:

Warm up as a group: 10-15 minutes
Each performer subsequently receives individual tuition, with the length arranged in advance,
ranging from 15 to 25 minutes each.
The session will either focus on:

1     vocal production
2     help with the score (finding notes, ensemble with the pianist) or
3     interpretation and help with language, where applicable
4     a combination of the above

Feedback is given by the teacher as well as fellow students.
In this way, participants can perform to a small audience and
learn by observation as well as getting to know repertoire.

For information on starting dates, or to book a trial class, please contact me.


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