The Schumann’s: A Piano Recital with a twist

The Schumann’s: A Piano Recital with a twist

The Schumann’s: A Piano Recital with a twist

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Join me in exploring some wonderful music by “The Schumann’s”, both Clara and Robert!

The Schumann’s – Music by Clara and Robert Schumann

A piano recital with a twist



Clara Schumann: Scherzo 1 in d minor, Scherzo 2 in c minor – A Scherzo is a humorous or quirky, piece, and both Scherzos are certainly playing with the unexpected, alternating fast and virtuoso passages (which make the pianist wish for the occasional telescopic attachment) with wonderful – but often not less difficult – lyrical passages.

Songs: Liebst du um Schönheit (Lovest Though for Beauty), and a selection from Op. 13. Ich hab’ in Deinem Auge (I saw in your eyes); Der Mond kommt still gegangen (The Moon appears silently) Die stille Lotusblume (The quiet lotus flower).


Robert Schumann: Carnaval – this lovely and energetic cycle features clowns and fellow composers – all pieces are a play on the letters ASCH – Asch is a town in Bohemia, home to a friend of the family. In German, AS is Ab, and H is a B natural, making the combination AS C H playable. Likewise, “S” can be interpreted as “ES” – which is Eb, so the combination would read: “A Eb C B”. Robert Schumann liked playing with musical letters, he dedicated his ABEGG variations to a fictitious friend bearing the same name.

I always liked “playable words” too and was delighted when, as a teenager, I worked out that my first name GISELA, is playable if one stretches to a bilingual approach: GIS in German is G#, LA in Italian is A, so GIS-E-LA equals G#-E-A, quite a common combination. Unfortunately, the Schumanns did apparently not have a Gisela in their circle of friends…

Songs: Mondnacht (Moonlit Night); Der Nußbaum (The Nut tree); Du bist wie eine Blume (You are like a flower); Die Lotusblume (The lotus flower).

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