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SUNDAY 26 September, 7pm – A concert of Vocal Chamber music with Gisela Meyer, soprano; Alistair Logan, clarinet and John Human, piano

St. James’ Church, Islington. Details to be published soon

TAKE A BREATHER, inspired by the ENO BREATH programme – re-starting on October 7th.

This is a low-cost online workshop on breathing technique which will take place(s) on THURSDAY nights 6-6.45. Contact Gisela to join the mailing list, specifically for this programme. This workshop will run for the autumn term (until December 16th).


Every second TUESDAY of the month, 6pm

Dates:      13 July   10 August   14 September

Join the Facebook group here, or contact Gisela to join the mailing list.


ONGOING EVENT,  free of charge – with an option to sign up for (low-cost) workshops and lectures:

Join the Facebook Groups on Musical Practice and Musical Rhythm.

MUSIC PRACTICE CHAT – FREE Online Session!  Saturday 3 July 2021 10.30-11.30  Platform: Zoom
ONLINE Workshop “Opening the Practice Toolbox” CHANGE OF DATE AND TIME!  SATURDAY 17 July  2021     11.00-13.00                  Platform: Zoom

 Prices:                  Active participant**    £15              Passive participant      £ 5

*A minimum of three active participants is required to run the workshop. If no more than three sign up, the workshop will only run for approximately 1.5 hours.

**Active participants:  Please be prepared to perform a piece or part of a piece, ca 2 mins in length (or shorter), and send me a scan of the sheet music – with bar numbers marked in – prior to the workshop, so I can share it with the group.


Introduction and presentation of general methods – the three stages of practice and how to use them              20 mins

Individual sessions masterclass style (active participants)                  15 – 20 mins each

Q&A                                                                                                                                         15 mins

To sign up, please contact me. Alternatively, you can sign up via Eventbrite, please note that this includes a small surcharge.