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“Excellent piano playing, Gisela! I would have loved to hear the other Chopin Prelude but somehow ended up listening to Gershwin, which was so exhilarating. I also listened to the Kreisleriana movements…stunning playing!” Clive Pollard,  professional pianist and accompanist (Response to Chopin and other piano videos. Spring 2020)

“Thank you so much for sharing your music, I love it, each performance. This is our first recital since lock down and such a blessing! The recordings are excellent, I have a good sound system and can close my eyes and be in the room. You seem to be able to make each performance your own – can’t describe it better than that – it’s so refreshing and good. Vielen Dank Gisela, das beste Tonikum, um die Stimmung zu heben. xx Alan & Lin (Response to Chopin and other piano videos. Spring 2020)

“Dear Gisela, Thank you very much for coming and giving us a very powerful and thoughtful performance of Chopin’s preludes. It was very much appreciated and I hope you will come again. With best wishes for your other forthcoming concerts.” RICHARD RUSBY NPL Teddington (16 April 2019)

“Thank you so much for today’s concert at NPL Teddington, it was wonderful! It was very powerful, it was very sensitive, it was just right! Thank you for such an exciting and thrilling performance. When we got home I found my book of preludes and had a try at some of the easy ones. The phone rang and it was my grandson who was doing the same thing in his house! That was a concert we will never forget. Best wishes, Alan, Lin and Michael.” (16 April 2019)

“It was great to see so many people in Church last night – of all ages – and as always your wonderful technique shone through what was, by any stretch of the imagination, a very demanding programme. Congratulations.” Father John, St. James’ Church Islington (Chopin meets Debussy, 18 November 2018)

 “Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your concert on Sunday. You re-ignited my love for the preludes by both composers. And I wanted to congratulate you on that wonderful achievement of playing all the Chopin Préludes – it was fantastic. And your presentation of the pieces and notes added a great deal. Penny” (Chopin meets Debussy, 18 November 2018)

“What a triumph of pianism. Thank you for the wonderful concert.” Sarah Pope, professional viola player (Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition, 16 October 2016)

“Pictures was really excellent – well done!” Alistair Logan, professional clarinetist (Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition, 16 October 2016)

“Brilliant, as usual. Best wishes, Richard” (Film music recital, 19 May 2015)

“Thank you Gisela, for a lovely Chopin recital. I really enjoyed your playing, and in such a great room!” (Recital at Foundling Museum 7 December 2014)

“Hi Gis, you were amazing today, I absolutely loved your performance. sorry I did not greet you at the end, it seemed it would be a long queue to get to you, as you were so, so, so amazing – can’t say that enough! Mariam” (Concert ‘From Classic to Jazz’ 17 June 2013)

“Thank you for a wonderful recital. It was more Kärtnerstrasse than a mere ‘Delicatessen’ Richard” (Recital ‘Wiener Delicatessen’ featuring composers from Vienna, 22 April 2013)


“I really enjoyed listening to your recital at St. Pancras. It’s the first time I have heard you sing, and I love the quality of your voice. The concert was an hour of pure delight, and I would be happy to hear you sing all day! You have so many talents, and I am so pleased that you are able to use them all. ” Clive Pollard, professional accompanist (Concert live-stream 10 September 2020)

“I have just listened to your and John’s recital over coffee this morning. Well done! Really lovely sound quality and some of my fave music. I liked hearing the Dring for the first time – effective and strong. XX Sarah” (Concert live-stream 10 September 2020)

Brave – is that the right ending for feminine plural? Thank you for a lovely concert yesterday, and a great performance I thought – especially in the chilly church! It was a beautiful varied programme and you sounded great. Really enjoyed it. Well done on those high notes too – where were the highest once, was it in the Gounod? Well done again to you and Siân, and frohe Weihnachten! Richard Meares” (Vocal recital with Siân Maddock, 10 December 2015)

“What a wonderful recital today! Thank you both so much for a lovely programme and engaging performances. I really enjoyed it. Love Elizabeth”(Vocal recital with Siân Maddock, 10 December 2015)

“I was enthralled throughout by your performances. Please do it again somewhere so that others can hear it! Nancy” (Vocal recital with Siân Maddock, 19 August 2015)

“You and Sian were brilliant in this beautifully conceived, sung and played programme of German music from Bach to Weill. Brava!”  (Vocal recital with Siân Maddock, 19 August 2015)


“Just to say, the recital today was marvellous. I look forward to the next one. Please pass on my appreciation to your colleagues. Richard”  (Quartet concert 7 July 2015)

“Congratulations for yesterday. I think the repertoire was engaging and exciting. Audrey” (Quartet concert 7 July 2015)

“It was a joy for Adrienne and me to see you and your colleagues at the Foundling Museum today – such tremendous talent! Do keep me on your e-mail list, please. I was struck a couple of years ago by your rendition of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, and you certainly keep impressing us – and such a beautiful singing voice you have!   Best, Bob (Trio concert 21 June 2015)

“Congratulations, it was wonderful. I was transported to another place. Audrey” (Quartet concert 1 July 2014)


” ‘Sohini and Mahival’, the worlds first Urdu oratorio, was showcased for the first time this year – with music composed by Baluji Shrivastav and Oscar winner Dario Marianelli. The piece went down a storm to a packed house at the Southbank Centre as part of Alchemy 2015. The sold-out performance of our ground-breaking “Urdu opera” ”Sohini and Mahival’ went very well, with some wonderful quotes received.”


“I want to say a huge thank-you for playing so well last Sunday night and for launching these ‘Musical Vespers’ with such style. All those who came (and it was twice the number I expected) were really impressed – and keen to do it again!” Fr John, 1 November 2020

“Thank you for all your wonderful contribution to the concert for the occasion of my book signing, it was absolutely lovely. x Ruth Pavey 8 July 2018

“Thank you so much for giving us such a delightful evening of song and music last night. Gisela for performing in every piece, and Mark for the planning, organising and putting together the programme – and all of you for your wonderful singing. Brita” (Concert THE VOICE from the Friends of the Alexander Technique, 19 May 2018)

The speed-networking event that I organised, produced a lot of energy. I wanted to add something different to my event. I had heard Gisela play at my church and asked if she would like to have the opportunity to provide the background music for my speed-networking event. She agreed and played some amazing tunes, one being the Blind Date song presented by the late Cilla Black. Everyone was engaging. The event was so relaxed and pleasant. Gisela played back ground music all the way through. The Event was a great success, and the piano music in the background made it more pleasurable. (Chantal Speed networking Event 5 June 2015)

 Thanks so much Gisela – we enjoyed the concert very much and are very appreciative of your additional input for the cultural cycle – Gavin is now in Poland!’
Tim Osborn | Breathe Arts Health Research 

“Gisela Meyer provided invaluable help in arranging music for the launch of my new poetry collection. She provided accompaniment for the songs – having first helped finding a singer and giving advice about choosing some appropriate 1930 standards. She played some challenging instrumental solos to open and close the proceedings which involved her learning at quite short notice a substantial piece with which she had previously been unfamiliar. The evening would have been nothing like as successful without her!” Michael Bartholomew Briggs (October 2013)

“Dear Gisela, the concert was wonderful! Thank you so much for all you did to make Soul in the City such a success. Best wishes, Simon” (Vicar of St. Mary’s Church, Islington, summer 2013)

“Thanks and blessings to you for all the work and enthusiasm and professional playing and research – all to make the launch of Finns and Amazons such a special and unique event. Much love Nancy” (27 March 2012 Nancy Mattson)


A number of years ago I produced a little concert in Queen’s Park, London. But who to ask to be the Musical Director and Pianist? There is no doubt that Gisela Meyer is a superb pianist. The depth and emotion of her playing and her empathy to accompany the singer, especially one as eccentric as myself (!), is difficult to match. She is also a splendid human being with a lovely family. So impressed was I with Gisela that years later, most recently when recording some new albums of both classical aria and contemporary musical theatre songs, it was Gisela I immediately asked. Her wealth of understanding multiple genres of music, the fact that she is also an accomplished singer herself, brought home to me to necessity to have Gisela record the music for these new works. It is of great compliment to say, you would work with someone again and again, without hesitation and that I can attest to with Gisela.

– Aidan J Crowley, Oxford 2020

“I got a first for my recital, and I owe much of that to you, so Thank you!” Greg, trumpet student at City University

“Dear Gisela, Thank you for all your wonderful playing, teaching and support. With all good wishes! Cello advanced class”

“Thanks for all the encouragement and help (and accompaniment galore) in our Performance Module. We have all enjoyed the concerts and the opportunity to perform. Best wishes! Level 2 Music Foundation” (City Lit 2014)

“Thank you! You are amazing and I have loved performing with you. Alice”

DIGITAL BACKING TRACKS – provided for practice

“This is perfect, thank you so much. Thank you also for your sensitive playing and assistance with the entry in bar 34. It is good to know about your service.” Gina Johnson (Recording of Bach, Agnus Dei)


“Thanks very much, it’s beautiful! It’s really good for the students to play it with accompaniment.” George Sleightholme, City lit (Recording of the piano part of Brahms, clarinet sonata 2, in Eb)



“Gisela has been my piano teacher for the last two years, at first in an adult education class, and then on Zoom. As an older beginner I really appreciate her friendly and ever encouraging approach which gave me the confidence I needed to make good progress and pass my exams. I am happy to recommend her wholeheartedly.” (Andrée Beach, 2021)

“A very accessible and sympathetic tutor. Lessons are a pleasure with her.” (Cheryl Messer, 2021)

“I have really progressed over the three months that I have been working with Gisela on Zoom. She is very good at identifying practical ways in which I can improve both my technique and confidence. She is friendly, supportive and interesting and clearly has great musical skill and experience, but remembers how it feels to be learning.” (Katherine Grimshaw 2021)


Gisela Meyer is an outstanding and inspiring teacher, who takes great trouble to identify and meet her students’ needs, and is also fun to work with! (Jeremy Warren May 2020)

Gisela has been giving me on-line singing lessons for the past year. She is extremely patient and flexible, often suggesting several approaches to tackling a problem. (Richard Cowan, 2021)

Gisela was recommended to me as a tutor who would help me privately with my singing. I have benefited tremendously from her great insight into all aspects of singing. Her creative, holistic, intelligent and fun filled approach has greatly assisted my development as a singer, and I have no hesitation at all in recommending her as an excellent singing teacher. (Derek Lennard, 2021)


“Dear Chamber Musicians, I am delighted to announce that Gisela Meyer has now been appointed as the permanent tutor for Chamber Music Ensembles. I would like to thank Gisela for her sterling work with the class this term and congratulate her on the permanent appointment. She has already brought a fresh perspective to the class, and I am looking forward to the end of term concert!” Trish Shaw, Head of Music City Lit, 2015

“Dear Gisela, I am so happy that you are now a permanent tutor. I never doubted that you would get the job. You are such a wonderful musician, and your knowledge is incredible. Congratulations. I look forward to many more lovely groups. Kindest regards, Katherine” (City Lit Chamber Ensembles 2015)

I have known Gisela for three years as a teacher. I first met her when I was doing a Music Foundation course at City Lit. I really got to know her when she took over running the choir, when another teacher was off sick. I really enjoyed her lessons, as she was thorough but also fun to work with, she has a great sense of humour!
Most importantly, when I started private singing lessons with her, she pushed me to heights I never thought I could achieve. Make no mistake, Gisela will get the best out of you!   Jayne Larnie

“Dear Gisela, you’re a beautiful person and so talented! Always admiring you, and appreciating all your help and teaching. Eunice”

“It’s been wonderful learning from you. Thank you, and see you again! Richard”

“Thanks for all your guidance and support – and also for your inspiration as a talented and dedicated musician. Helen”

“I did appreciate your helpful comments. How nice to have a perceptive string player listening. I cannot remember anyone listening so keenly. Ronald” (Chamber Ensembles – student’s response to end-of-term feedback)