‘I have known Gisela for three years as a teacher. I first met her when I was doing a Music Foundation course at City Lit. I really got to know her when she took over running the choir, when another teacher was off sick. I really enjoyed her lessons, as she was thorough but also fun to work with, she has a great sense of humour!
Most importantly, when I started private singing lessons with her, she pushed me to heights I never thought I could achieve. Make no mistake, Gisela will get the best out of you!’   Jayne Larnie


“Thank you so much for taking the trouble to send the YouTube links to help understanding and recognising note values. And thank you for your nice words – well, if I am making progress it’s thanks to having such an outstanding and nice teacher, you are very good at putting me at my ease. Very best Jeremy” Jeremy Warren

Everyone is musical – no exceptions.

However much listening to music might engage or stimulate you, nothing beats making music yourself. 


Expert music tuition for all levels

Whatever your age or your standard, it is never too late to start learning – be it from scratch, or after a long break. Wipe the dust of your instrument – or your vocal chords – and get going!

Maybe you are already further along on your musical journey,and are looking for a new teacher. Or you want to unleash your inner performer…  

Are you frustrated by gaps in your theory or aural skills, or is your lack of confidence in singing – or sight singing -holding you back from joining a choir?

Or perhaps you are a professional musician looking for some coaching for an audition or a recital? Professional coaching is available for both singers and instrumentalists. If you are looking for an accompanist, have a look on the ACCOMPANIMENT page.

There is no age limit to active music making– the oldest student Gisela has taught at the City Lit was over the age of 90! See below for a list of musical subjects offered – in groups and/or individually.
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Practice, practice…

Have you spent hours practicing  with little progress and want to learn how to save time – and to enjoy your pieces, rather than planning the next bonfire…?

FREE DISCUSSIONS and optional workshops*:
Join the Music Theory toolbox FB community here for a chance to discuss and ask questions, about any aspect of music theory and to join workshops*.
Join the Music Practice toolbox FB community here for a chance to exchange ideas and ask questions around practicing and to join workshops*.
If you are interested in online workshops on these two topics but are not a Facebook user, you can express your interest in workshops and lectures here.
* All workshops and lectures will require you to sign up with your e-mail address, and a charge applies. Classes will be conducted using Zoom.

Coaching for Professionals and Amateurs alike – available to book individually, as shared lessons or in groups

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Piano – Voice – Cello* – Vocal coaching (repertoire) ** – Instrumental coaching (repertoire) –

Ensemble/Chamber Music*** –   Performance technique (helping with nerves) – Sight singing – Aural Skills –  Composition* – Theory*

*offered up to Grade 8          ** please scroll down for more information

*** Gisela teaches two Chamber Skill classes at the City lit, currently online – read more about these classes here.

Over the past 30 years Gisela has taught Piano, Cello, Aural, Theory and Composition – in the last ten, also Singing and Chamber music. Gisela has taught students as young as 4 years old, but is most passionate about adult learning. Frustrated by the lack of instructions on how to practice effectively and with fun, Gisela has developed a programme of three stages which is easy to follow and has in the past, saved her skills throughout the time her own children were little. Theory and Aural are integrated in lessons and you will get to know them as fascinating tools which can help you make up your own tunes.

Gisela is tutor for Piano, Singing and Chamber music at the City Lit Institute, where she also occasionally works as accompanist and deputises for cello classes of all levels. She also works as consultant and exam accompanist for City and Islington Sixth-form College, where she currently tutors a cello student in preparation for his A-level and occasionally deputises for other teachers.             

Lessons are held online, or at my home (near Angel tube or Farringdon tube). Get in touch to book your free online assessment. Scroll down for a list of short tuition videos.

Vocal coaching:

Are you a professional singer who wants to polish their German? Or are you someone bamboozled by singing in other languages and want some help?

Gisela speaks several languages and can coach at the following levels:

German native speaker
English bilingual level
French good working knowledge (A level 2015 B)
Italian intermediate
Turkish intermediate
Spanish limited, know about pronunciation
Russian very limited, can read and pronounce text
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Tuition videos for piano and theory

Piano technique

Five finger warm-up part 1

Pedal basic legato exercise chords


Piano keyboard and theory series

Names of keys

Tones and semitones/chromatic scale

Major scale

Minor scales

Major and Minor relatives