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“I don’t think I ever got in contact, but I got a first for my recital and I owe much of that to you, so thank you!” Greg (student at City University)

“Well, you have outdone yourself, but I am not surprised – you are such a skilled and passionate musician, and I am very grateful to you.” Aidan Crowley, singer and songwriter

Accompanists are providing important help with practice, are at your side during performances and most importantly, share your enthusiasm about music.

Are you a professional singer or instrumentalist preparing for a recital?  Or do you study music student stuck for a pianist to accompany your final recital at college? Or maybe you are preparing for your next Grade exam?  Whatever your level, you want to feel supported and inspired by anyone who makes music with you.

Gisela has been working as accompanist for more than 30 years, with amateurs and professionals alike. She has a deep passion for making music with others and is regarded as a sensitive musicians for ensembles. She works as exam accompanist for City and Islington College, plays recitals for students at music colleges and performs regularly as accompanist and in chamber ensembles with other professional musicians (see also CHAMBER MUSIC). She has very good sight reading skills and can offer transposition of most pieces into any key, given some notice. Scroll down to read about offers of digital backing tracks tailored to your needs.

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Early Music Medley from the concert to celebrate Da Vinci’s 500thdeath/Vernissage of works by Dorotka Pietrzyk, inspired by Da Vinci 14 October 2019   Eva Hurt, Jurand Jakub Zygadlo, Gisela Meyer


Time to say Goodbye Eva Hurt (harmonica), Jurand Jakub Zygadlo (guitar), Gisela Meyer (cello)


Ruth Beckmann – Smoke gets in my eyes


Mayda Narvey (cello and composition) Tarantella

Elena Ferrari, soprano

Cross-over projects:

Gisela has worked with Kurdish singer Aygül Erce on a range of songs in Kurdish and Turkish. She performed in Baluji Shrivastav’s Urdu Opera “Sohini and Mahival” which was performed at the Southbank during the Alchemy festival in May 2015. In 2020, Gisela has produced several albums with Aidan Crowley  and Tom Sutton (

Accompaniment for Singers:

Gisela has played- and sung – a wide range of vocal repertoire, focusing on art song, oratorio, opera and musical theatre, and as a singer, has first-hand experience of being accompanied herself. Gisela speaks several languages and can help with pronunciation and comprehension of lyrics – especially in German, her native tongue, but also in French, Italian, Turkish (and to some extent, Spanish). Gisela currently works closely with Aidan Crowley on several albums, as ‘remote accompanist’, creating backing tracks for his recordings.  Scroll down to read about offers of digital backing tracks tailored to your needs.

Gisela has performed with many singers, including:

Ruth Beckmann, soprano

Joanna Sleight, mezzo soprano

Aidan Crowley, tenor

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Accompaniment for Instrumentalists:

Gisela is an experienced string player – cello was her second study at college, and she teaches it up to Grade 8 level. She does not play a wind instrument herself but has worked closely with wind players for many years, most notably in duos with flute and clarinet.

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Backing tracks – professionally produced on demand

Since the beginning lockdown in late March, Gisela and Aidan Crowley have been collaborating on the production of several albums, also including singer Tom Sutton. The tracks were all produced with logic and sent to Aidan as Mp3 files. Once the singer(s) were able to access a professional studio, the albums were recorded with the singer singing ‘on top’ of the digital piano tracks. This was a truly creative spark initiated by Aidan Crowley, and it has yielded impressive results thanks to the people in charge of recording and mastering. See below for links to several albums available to listen and for purchase.

A selection of classical arias:

A selection of songs from Musical Theatre (singer: Aidan Crowley)

A selection of songs from Musical Theatre (singer: Tom Sutton)

Single: Duet from the hilarious musical “Dirty rotten scoundrels”

Gisela can offer digital piano tracks on demand – either for your personal practice, your upcoming informal performance, or for professional purposes. RATE SHEET for recorded backing tracks

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Have a listen to a digital sample track here:

Handel, Ombra mai fu/Largo (accompaniment)