Meeting up in a place beyond words…


 ‘Gisela Meyer played with lyrical expression and with gripping brilliance’. (Satie, three short pieces) ECHO RÜSSELSHEIM


 ‘She managed brilliantly to create a variety of sounds. Even the quietest notes were full of energy and could develop into a thundering fortissimo’. (Ravel, Miroirs) FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU.


“Congratulations, it was wonderful. I was transported to another place.” Audrey, (Quartet concert, 1st July 2014)


Brave – is that the right ending for feminine plural? Thank you for a lovely concert yesterday. It was a beautiful varied programme and you sounded great. Really enjoyed it. Well done on those high notes too! Richard Meares (Vocal recital with Siân Maddock on 10 December 2015)

It is of great compliment to say, you would work with someone again and again without hesitation, and that I can attest to, with Gisela.’         Aidan J Crowley, Oxford 

Read  about those practice goals….


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Events and concerts inspire listeners and performers alike, as they awaken and strengthen our passion for music making. They are such an amazing opportunity  for sharing music – they may stimulate us, soothe us, move us to tears or lift our spirits. We connect as human beings, on a deeper level. During those special moments we might even feel that we have left our every-day world, for a time.

If you too feel inspired by classical music, have a browse through the website. Gisela loves connecting to people at concerts – she performs regularly, in the UK and beyond. In London, she organises her own series of regular concerts, at St. James’ church in Islington, London.

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Crossover work

In May 2015, Gisela was the pianist of  “Sohini and Mahival” (composed by Baluji Shrivastav and Dario Marianelli) which was performed at the Southbank. This story, told in Urdu, combined opera, dance and puppetry, the music style merges Indian  with European tradition, which was also reflected in the choice of instruments.

Gisela works closely with singer and songwriter Aidan Crowley and has produced piano backing tracks for several albums for him as well as actor/singer Tom Sutton.

Are you looking for a pianist or singer who is keen to explore the blending of all kinds of music and is up for collaborating in a mix of styles or with other performing arts? Get in touch to discuss your project.

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Music for your event

Whether it is a a wedding, birthday or funeral, a book launch, a vernissage for works of art or a corporate function- music is an important element to enhance any kind of event. If your choice of style is classical, music from the shows or easy listening, have a look here. Take a look and a listen, at the VIDEO page.

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When we got home from your recital I found my book of preludes and had a try at some of the easy ones. The phone rang and it was my grandson who was doing the same thing in his house!” (Inspired by Chopin Préludes, 16 April 2019)

Listening to music is one thing – making music  yourself is something else! And the ultimate pleasure is to then share it with others – whether in a concert or a private gathering (Yes, this will happen again!). 

Do you have a piano gathering dust at home and you get this yearning look each time you pass it? Or a cello, tucked away in a cupboard… Have you always wanted to explore your singing voice further and are afraid you have not got one – or worse – have been told that you don’t? Or you believe the other all-to-common lie: “I am not musical”?  Statements of this kind are truly damaging, and far too many people believe them, thinking active music making is for the select few. 

Everyone is musical – no exceptions.

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Are you a professional looking for some inspiration from a colleague?

Piano and Singing lessons are offered up to diploma level.  Musical coaching (including on languages, for singers) is available for all musicians. Get in touch  for a free online consultation.

Lessons are available in groups or individually and either offered via Zoom, Skype, or (usually) from Gisela’s home near Angel and Farringdon tube stations. 



Gisela has written film music for Moving Culture Film Productions in cooperation with director Erdogan Gilgil, and for him, scored four short films and two feature films. In 2020 she started collaborating with composer Dura Bangura, transcribing his song “My brother, my sister”.

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About Gisela

Gisela Meyer studied piano and cello in Germany and obtained a MMus in Accompaniment at the GSMD in London. She studies singing privately with Jessica Cash. Gisela is tutor for Chamber Ensembles, Piano and Singing at the City Lit and also teaches privately. She works as a freelance pianist, accompanist and singer and performs regularly in concerts in ensembles and as a soloist.

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