Music for your event

“Gisela Meyer provided invaluable help in arranging music for the launch of my new poetry collection. She provided accompaniment for the songs – having first helped finding a singer and giving advice about choosing some appropriate 1930 standards. She played some challenging instrumental solos to open and close the proceedings which involved her learning at quite short notice a substantial piece with which she had previously been unfamiliar. The evening would have been nothing like as successful without her!” Michael Bartholomew Briggs

“Thanks and blessings to you for all the work and enthusiasm and professional playing and research – all to make the launch of Finns and Amazons such a special and unique event. Much love Nancy” (Nancy Mattson)

Are you looking for a musician to perform at your event? Do you want to book a reliable performer who can also arrange for other players to join her? Is it important for you to have transparent fees clear arrangements in writing that you can trust will be kept?

Gisela can provide you with a tailored plan for your event. She can offer performances as a solo pianist, play background music in several styles, has extensive experience in performing in Church services and at other events (piano and solo singing) and can lighten the mood of your guests with folk music, songs from the shows and other popular tunes performing as a Singing pianist.

Please note: Currently Gisela has to rely on public transport to get to your event and has not got a portable keyboard to bring along.

Step 1:  Have a look and a listen on the Video page.

Step 2: If you like what you hear, have a look at the repertoire pages: PIANO, SOLO SINGING, CHAMBER MUSIC, SINGING PIANIST

Step 3: Get in touch for a free online consultation now!

Step 4: Look forward to your event with joy and peace of mind.

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