– Piano Mini tuition

Five finger warm-up part 1


Five finger warm-up part 2


Pedal basic legato exercise chords


Musical articulation: Legato, Non Legato, Staccato


PRACTICE TIPS – two videos featuring the piece Angelfish by Anne Crosby Gaudet (ABRSM 2021/22 piano syllabus, Grade 2, C2)

  1. Technical work –  Chunking and Leaps (Chunking means “combining smaller elements into a bigger one” and in music, there are many useful ways to apply it to our practice – whether learning piano music or any other kind)

2. Musical work – What do we do, once we know the notes? Our work is just beginning, and I show some methods on how to come to grips with musical features marked on the page – and also with those that are not!