Past Events

10 September 2020 6.30     Vocal recital: Livestreamed concert from the St. Pancras Tower

Gisela Meyer: soprano; John Human: piano        Adam Bonser: recording and mastering; Sophie Sparkes: videos

PROGRAMME (including of timings for the mastered video, available here:

Impressions just after the event:

Our livestream, 10th September 2020 is done….What an amazing day we had in St. Pancras tower yesterday. It is mind-blowing to even walk up through the staircase, seeing the trains from the back.The corridor seems to go on forever. Once you reach the level of the studio, you have a view right across London. Inside, looking up, you can see the metal staircase leading to the actual clock (not our job – but it was nice to imagine).

The space is lovely and has a nice acoustic. Recording in the early afternoon was a smooth and beautiful collaboration with John Human at the piano and Sophie Sparkes and Adam Bonser at the cameras and microphones.

After a couple of hours break it was time to get ready for the virtual performance at 6.30.Doing a live-stream is a unique experience. Walking up on stage, knowing that the cameras are looking at your every step, feels very different to walking out to a live stage– but once we were under way, we were both astonished how much the performance seemed like a normal concert. Even though the element of real-time interaction with the audience is missing– and boy, I am looking forward to having that again! – I somehow still felt connected with everyone out there.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have been listening in – and to those who might do, from this point forward! A big thank you also to everyone who has donated, we much appreciate your support. And I want to mention two more people at this point: Peter Tompkins, who has kindly hired the space out to us, and on a more personal note, Jessica Cash (formerly professor of the Guildhall School of Music), my amazing singing teacher.